With their new record, released via Osmose Prod., "Nuctemeron Descent", Australian Death Thrash Horde Abominator released a razorsharp, shredding Guitarmassaker which makes no prisoners and saying Fuck Off to all trend pussys. I mailed some questions to Andrew and Chris about the past, the present and the future! Read their words!!!

Hi Chris and Andrew, what`s up in Australia? How do you feel this day and what`s the weather in Down Under?

Andrew: The weather is hot, and the beer is fuckn' cold. We're doing gigs at the moment and filming everything, so there will be some footage available on our web site soon.

At first tell me please a little bit from your boring history! I think not every German Lunatic knows the name Abominator! So let`s change this remedy abuses!

Andrew: Not this fucking question again. Well... Chris and myself recorded The first Abominator Demo in ’95 with me on Guitarz and Bass and Volcano doing the rest. Abominator set out play the most extreme Black Death ever created . Over the years we have enlisted the help of many other sick individuals to help us in our mission and after all these years it looks like we might actually have a full line up. Nuctemeron Descent is our third attempt. We have completed a new Bio, which can be viewed at abominator.net

Coming directly to your new, your fourth release “Nuctemeron Descent”. What a fast blast. How will you describe “Nuctemeron Descent”? What can the listener expect from this record?

Andrew: Nuctemeron is a different production style to our previous efforts. We reached the boundary of analogue and smashed through into the digital world. Or it might have been that the reel to reel shit itself and we didn’t have any choice, but I’ll stick with the first answer. The album is more dynamic than some of our earlier stuff. Some different beat changes but basically the same shit. So fuck’n get used it.

How will you describe the stile Abominator follow?

Andrew: Follow is not in our thinking.

Huh, the guitarsound is razorsharp on the record. Can you tell us a little bit about the production? Which studio did you enter for recordings. Were there any other bands before you laid the studio to ashes?

Andrew: We tried a few different speaker and amp combinations until we found the sound. The more speaker boxes you can use the better. Some of that 70’s stuff can work well. We have used the same studio for our three full lengths and another recording before that, so the evolution of our production has a lot to do with the improvement of the studio’s understanding of how to go beyond what they think as the limit. There was no other black or death recorded there before Abominator. But in the last few years many other Melbourne based black, death and grind bands have recorded there. If I told you anymore than that, it would not be ‘MY’ sound anymore, work it out for yourself fuckers..

You play only fast stuff, huh? Why do you play only fast? I mean, so many bands from down under follow this stile of metal, why should I also buy Abominator`s ȁNuctemeron Descent”? The most bands from Australia call it “War Metal”!

Andrew: War metal was a term more attributed to what Bestial Warlust was doing. We called our style carnage metal for a while but now we just call it Black Death again. You should buy our album because it’s fast as fuck Aussie Black Death.

Chris: I think the term 'Carnage Metal' came from Damon Bloodstorm, he just couldn't stop himself from saying the word 'carnage' at one stage! Carnage this, carnage that...

What are you doing when not playing Metal? With whom do you hang over? Any other bands in your neighbourhood?

Chris: Yes, I suppose we all have to work during the day, as we all have to eat, and you can't eat CDs. Members of GOSPEL OF THE HORNS, URGRUND, ANARAZEL, DEPRESSOR and ABYSSIC HATE all live nearby, so we always hang over together and party on, with the occasional satanic BBQ! We invite any crazy overseas people who are down here to join us whenever they can, there's enough food n' beer for everyone!

Some months ago I was in contact with another great and brutal Death Metal band from Australia called The Amenta, do you know them?

Andrew: Yeah, they are a great Aussie metal band and I’m sure they will go a long way.

You are on Osmose Prod. What do you think, can Osmose help you to blast you on another, higher level? Out of the “Underground”! Any tour planes till now?

Andrew: No I was thinking of getting some fucking fag to play the keyboard for us!!! We will play in Europe or the US in the next year or so. It just depends on where most of our fan base ends up, so buy our album and then we will do a show for you, O.K.

Tell us a little bit about the live scene in Australia! Can you play as often as you want? How many gigs did you play till now? And with whom did you play till know and with whom did you fuck the girls?

Andrew: The live scene in Australia is very extreme. You can find any style of metal in this city alone. There has been a steady stream of overseas bands lately so it’s been brutal. We played with DESTROYER 666 last Saturday night and you can check out the photo’s through link “BLOODHARMONIC” on our web site. Abominator has probably not even done 15 gig’s in our entire history so it would not be hard to name every band we’ve ever bloody played with... There is plenty of venues in Melbourne so you can play, no problem. But most have really shit PA’s, so we end up with a selection of 4 - 5 venues. "Fuck…I’m dead" would be the most brutal Melbourne band we’ve played with lately. MAYHEM and INCANTATION weren't bad.

Tell us a little bit about the underground scene in Australia! Any other bands that are worth our mention? And what`s up with the fanzine scene in Australia? You have a fanzine scene, haven`t you?

Chris: There's quite a few bands that are worthy of attention such as URGRUND, GRENADE, HELLSPAWN, MYRDDRAAL, PORTAL, BEFALLEN, ACCURSED, DENOUNCEMENT PYRE and some others. I'd have to say that Australia is a bit short of good fanzines right now, there's EXTREME NOIZE 'zine but it doesn't come out enough.

“Nuctemeron Descent” is your fourth release. So what can you tell us about the earlier releases “Prelude To World Funeral”, “Damnation`s Prophecy” and “Subversives For Lucifer”? I for myself have heard “Damnation`s Prophecy” some years ago and it was not that what I can call a killer or a blast, hahaha.

Chris: Well, "Prelude..." was simply our first demo re-pressed on a split CD with boring Swedish band MORNALAND, but it will be re-released with bonus traxx at some point to do it justice! "Damnations..." was released on the sinking ship of a label Necropolis records, and is now out of print I think. "Subversives...." was a superior album, and it represented the true direction we wanted to go in. We've never cared what anyone thinks of our music, people can say bad things about us to our faces instead of sitting on their fat backsides and hiding behind a computer! (Hohoho, Santa Claus!!! – Marcus)

What is your goal with Abominator in the near or the next future?

Andrew: We have an album ready to record at he moment that will leave the readers bleeding in the islies. We will also be playing Sydney and Brisbane in the next few months. We’ve wanted to go to Sydney again since Mayhem, those mother fuckers went crazy. By the time you get off your arse and actually print this, we would have recorded another album in mid 2004 and a follow up in 2005.

What means Death Metal or Thrash Metal for you?

Andrew: 80’s and 90’s. Metal guitar just progressing to new levels of intensity. Each style of guitar considered to be the most extreme form of guitar on the planet at the time.

Ok, brothers in Metal, let`s close this fuckin' bullshit! I hope you've had some fun with the stuff and the one or second laughter on your side! Thanx for answering this boring questions! The last words are yours!

Chris: Yeah, I have some words, hopefully we will make it to Europe soon to create chaos with our fans over there (totally awesome people!). But to anybody who has given us a bad review, beware because if you ever have the misfortune of meeting me I will bash you senseless!!! I'm damn serious, you'll be dead in ten seconds flat!!! Hail Satan!!!

Interview: Marcus