1994 - Black Vanity (Black Mark Production)

Format: CD, MC

Recorded & mixed:
May - June 1994 at Montezuma
Recording (Stockholm)

Mathias Lodmalm (v, g, key)
Anders Iwers (g)
Tomas Joseffson (b)
Markus Nordberg (d)
Lars Rapp (b)
Christian Silver (drums)
Helena Ohberg (vocals and narration)
Alexander Molin (tambourine and various FX)
Christofer Johnsson (wah wah solo on track 2)
Rex Gisslen (hammond and FX generation)
1. Bitter Seed
2. Ebony Rain
3. Hunger Of The Innocent
4. Scarecrow
5. Black Flowers Of Passion
6. Last Departure / Serpentine Parade
7. Sweet Tragedy
8. Pale Autumn Fire
9. Out In The Sand
10. Rosemary Taste The Sky