1998 (1. July) - Reborn Through Flames (Repulse Records; RPS 032)
(MC version was released through the Polish label Novum Vox Mortis)

Format: CD

December 1997 and February
1998 at Sunlight Studio

Matthias Lamppu (v)
Andreas Evaldsson (g)
Kenneth Wiklund (g)
Martin Schulmann (b)
Kalimaa (d-comp.)

1. Embraced By Moonlight
2. Resurrected
3. Summon The Golden Twilight
4. The Beauty Of Malice
5. Under The Guillotine (KREATOR cover)
6. Through Celestial Glass
7. Molested
8. In The Arch Of Serenity

Bonustracks Japan:
9. Shadowland
10. Eternal Lies
(both tracks are also on the "Shadowland" 7")