1993 (mid) - Passage Of Life (Thrash Records; 852314)
(2009 rereleased as LP on Dark Symphonies/The Crypt; CRYPT 01)

Format: CD; rerelease LP (die-hard version
ltd. 100 red vinyl
incl. patch, sticker, lyric sheet, band biography, A3 Poster, button
+ shirt; ltd. 200 black vinyl)

October - November 1991 in
some days at Sunlight Studio

Lars Levin (v)
Fredrik "Freddan" Isaksson (b)
Hempa Brynolfsson (g)
Johan Melander (g)
Per Ax (d)
1. Confused Mind
2. Endless Suffocation
3. Inhumation Postnatal
4. Eternal Incubation
5. Anatomical Self-Fertilization
6. Passage of Life
7. Sabbath in the Mortuary
8. Beyond the Circle