Hi Igor! What's up?!
Thanx, I'm fine. We just returned from Germany where played at Fuck the Commerce Festival. We spent a great time at this fest! I saw a lot of friends there, that was a realy good time.

Hope you enjoyed the Fuck The Commerce. I Think was a great show! Were you all three days on the festival or did you left after your show?
We were one day at fest on Saturday only, but that was the best day of fest as for me. We stay to see headline acts and right after the show of Hate Eternal we leave the fest and drive back to home, `coz our back way to home is very long. We drove 3000km for play at FTC!

Ok, let's start a little bit with your history. I think some people didn't know anything about you, so let's go on with your beginnings.
I running the band with a Max in 2000. And line-up was changed few times till 2004! When we just started the band we played old-school death metal music, but our influences were variable and follow us to modern new wave style of death metal... and we find a new ideas in this style!
In 2003 we recorded our first studio album in Berlin, but it was still old school brutal death music with some new modern elements.But anyway that was realy brutal stuff! Soon we released this stuff as self-released CD and later we signed a deal with CZ label Nice to Eat You Rec. We tried to play a lot of gigs and tours during 2003-2005 years.. On early 2005 we recorded a new album "May God Strike Me Dead" in well-known polish Hertz Studio and drive on 38 days european tour. Soon we sign a deal with powerful ukrainian label Moon Rec for distribution our both albums in CIS countries and stay looking for label for realease a new CD world wide. We recieved a good offers from labels and soon we choose This Dark Reign / Devil Doll Rec. for signing a deal for world wide distribution.

Your latest record "May God..." is a real killer in brutal straight forward death metal. When I listen to your music I remember bands such as DISAVOWED, but also some groovy moments in the vein of SKINLESS, DYING FETUS, but also some old school stuff Where do you see your influences?
Yes, I like that bands... And I still like old-school metal also as new wave death metal. So I like to use and mix both stiles in our music.

My CD is released through Moon Records, which is only licensed to the CIS countries, but you also release the record on This Dark Reigh/Devil Doll Records. Is the
release available now?
Yea, CD come out 9th of May 2006. And it's in stocks right now. Everybody can order it from our web-site fleshgore.com or directly ask our label thisdarkreign.com

This time you recorded in Poland at Hertz Studio. The sound went out as a fucking brutal killer. But on "Killing..." the sound was just fucked up.
We used different studios also as absoulutely different equipment for recording so sound is realy another. And I'm sure this time we choose right sound for our music.

The progress from "Killing..." to "May God..." is for my a big step forward. Where do you see the biggest differences between these recordings?
Last album "May God Strike Me Dead" wrote with a new death metal influences that is absent in previous CD "Killing Absorption". During 2003-2005 years we tried to found own style, and I think that we are realy near to our own style. I'm sure our next stuff will be more progressive as previous, but of course it have to be the same death metal music with a few new influences.

Ok, your first DemoCD was "Interuterine Dilemms". Ha, you don't have some downloads on your site and I also can get the CD on the FTC... Is the recording that bad?! Was it the same line-up as on "Killing..."?
For the first, "Interuterine Dilemms" was our first demo record, it's not our official album, that was recorded at our rehearsal room, not in studio. Sound is good, but of course it's not a studio work.. Later we used only one song "Interuterine Dilemms" and included this song in "Killing Absorption" CD. Also this record were never released officially, that was self-released only as demo material on CD-r with full color cover. This stuff include seven tracks of old-school death metal and six tracks were never released and
still unreleased songs till this day. But everybody can order it from our site if you wish to hear it.

Let's go on with your lyrics. You don't use the typical evil/satan and gore lyrics, but more critical stuff. For me, it's much more interesting to read such stuff, as the boring normal stuff.
We think the same. I'm sure that evil/satan and gore lyrics is realy old ideas and havn't future. That was actually in 90x, but now it's not so interesting. We have to say a new things in our music and lyrics so we have to find something new.

On "Killing..." you had another line-up wih Cannibal on vocals and Sad on bass. Why did they left the band? Who is the new bassist? Did Sid and he played in other bands before joining?
They left the band because of personal reasons. Also they didn't visited all our rehearsals and was very unserious guys! So one day we solved to get them off from the band. It was very hard decision as for me, but it must be done for the band! I'm sure that we made it right. Now our band is much stronger than never was! At the moment when we ask Cannibal leave the band, Sid was our old good friend. He sung in one Ukrainian band Hunger Dispatch together with our newcomer Vladimir, who also play as second guitar in Fleshgore. So we invited 2 members from one young and realy good band. Now they play with us during 2 years!

I fuckin' love Sid's voice. Thinks he has a very unique and variable style of singing. When I hear some froggy deep grounting bands, I mainly feel like "uuhhh, boring". What do yu think?
Sid is a good singer with a strong and different vocal! And we ask him be very different on the records, also as on the stage.

I just read that Sad was in a Band called ENTRAILS PUTREFACTION. Which kind of music did they played?
They played ultra brutal death grind in veins of deeds of flesh and much brutal and heavy. But at the moment this band come apart.

I think FLESHGORE is the one and only Ukrainian Death Metal band I remeber. So, how is the scene in your
country? Any good bands, you can mention?
If really, I don't really like any metal bands from Ukraine, 'coz nobody have a real good musical level. It's my opinion. They are only few bands who play a good music. Not much!

When I read your fuckin' big tour history, there were not that much gigs in your country. Is it difficult to get some shows in Kiev and surroundings?
Most organizers in Ukraine can't pay more than 100$ for the show of underground band. It's a maximal price for underground bands in Ukraine. Often they can give 30-50$ for show. Only big stars can ask for more money.. but 100$ it's very low price and very often bands have to pay own money for travel! It's sucks! But it's reality! So we play in Ukraine not so often as we want but all problem in economical situation around of Ukraine. Also Ukrainian territory is very big! But there are maximum 7-8 good places for live gigs! As I said most organizers can't pay more than 100$ but we don't want to lose own money for traveling and other shit. Also here is not so many clubs as in Germany where is possible to play metal!

How did you get on the Wacken billing? Isn't it hard to get a place on the festival, as such a "small" band? I think 99% of the festival is complete mainstream.
This is a secret for me, too! Coz we just sent them our promo stuff and asked to play at WOA 2006... And after some duscussions we recieved an invitation to play! So we are still really happy to play there! I hope all our fans will visit this fest and support us! See ya all at Wacken Open Air!

Ok Igor, think that's it for the moment. Feel free to make some promotion for FLESHGORE now. Thanks for your time!
Thanx everybody who support us at our live gigs and buy our merchandise! You really help us!
See ya at summer fests this year!!! And dont forget visit our web-site: www.fleshgore.com

Interview: Leif (June 2006)