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Issue #1 (December 2009)
(A5, 56 pages, english)

And again a number one, this time it's from France and again a really cool one. The focus in this issue is obviously on his local French scene, but hey, if you got bands like BLOODY SIGN, NECROS or RESISTANCE (+ a labelspecial of Under Siege) in your neighborhood it's really fine with me! Next to that you get interviews from the great Finish band STENCH OF DECAY and Singaporean XANADOO. Furthermore there is one livereport about a local festival, a Sunlight special about the recorded releases and instead of reviews, he did a playlist, where he writes about his fave release of the last time! Well done boy! Hope to see a second issue some day!
Julien Morys, Rue de Colombey 2c, 57070 Metz, France, carbonizedju[at],

Issue #12 (2009)
(A4, 28 pages, english)

And once again good ol' Mark got back with his 12th issue. And once again it's a little bit too thin, but it's obvious, that he is really into drawings and that's the cool point of the zine. The layout/design looks really really cool and compact! Every single review has its own design and that's really awesome! The interviews are more out of the death/grind scene as like BLOODFREAK, BIRDFLESH, MACHETAZO, BLUE HOLOCAUST or GRAVEHILL. If you like cool artworks and a great layout, get the zine and watch out for his comic book, which will also be realease some day this or next year!
Mark K, Watson Crescent 25/4. EH11 1 EZ, Edinburgh, Scotland/UK, alienvsaliens[at],

Issue #3 (2009)
(smaller than A4, 48 pages, english)

Ha, the editorial says it: "please stop calling COE an 'old school Death Metal zine', this is only DEATH METAL, ok?".
Ok, this fanzine is a Death Metal zine from Peru, which is mainly focussed on the old school sounding death metal bands. Mhhh, shit, it's the same..., but hey who cares about the style? Fuck of styles, the band selection is great with bands like DROWNED, FUNEBRARUM, GODLESS, GOREAPHOBIA, GRAVEYARD, HATESPAWN, IGNIVOMOUS and many more! Good reviews, which are mainly focussed on vinyl and demo recordings plus some "normal" CD reviews. Everyone, who likes Death Metal have to check this zine, cause also the layout is great. The only minus point is the font, cause it's quite hard to read this one for a longer time!
Crypts Of Eternity, P.O.Box 25, Lima 41, Perú, lucasinhell[a]

Issue #3 - 3rd Warning (September 2009)
(A5, 76 pages, english)

Ok, the name is quite stupid and is really not fitting to the content, cause this one is once again more in the old school death metal tradition. Interviews with TRIBULATION, BLOODY SIGN, PROFANER, NOCTURNAL EVIL, SLAUGHTBBATH, BASTARD PRIEST, KARNARIUM are a great selection and also the review section is more or less in this direction. The reviews aren't in the normal boring Metal Blade/ Nuclear Blast vein, but a cool slap in the international underground scene. At least the layout is more than dedicated, total cut'n'paste layout with cool background pics and stuff. Get it at:
Callum Downes, etsaptnuc[at]

Issue #3 (June 2009)
(A5, 32 pages, english)

Perhaps one of the most boring looking zines, with perhaps one of the best interviews, that the Hungarian zine called DEADLY ILLNESS. It's only some sheets put together, the layout is only text with some few pics, but hey the interviews are the most important thing of a fanzine and they are really cool! The variety of bands is very good and the questions are above all standard shit. Here we get interviews from BASTARD PRIEST, SWALLOWED, ASCENDED, YDINTUHO, REPUKED, NAUSEANT, GRIND CRUSHER, ADVERSARIAL, an old one from ADRAMELECH (only answers) plus some more. The special thing is, that Csaba only did interviews for this issue and yes, perhaps he is right, cause most people listen to the stuff by themselves on MySpace or comparable sites and don't need reviews?! But a small collection of top stuff, would be cool for the next time! Get this one, cause he's very dedicated, but needs a layouter, hehe!
Poller Csaba, Nimrod u.73., Budapest 1183, Hungary, deadlyillness[at],

Issue #3 (Summer 2009)
(letter, 42 pages, english)

And again a new Reborn From Ashes issue from this freak from Mexico/USA. And once again he got a cool band selection in OMNIOUS CRUCIFIX, ABOMINANT, DENIAL, GRAVEHILL, INGURGITATING OBLIVION and some more. Yes, it's many in the vein of the old school sounding death metal bands, but with some hints to Thrash and other metal genres. There is also a nice conversation with the editor of US zine Sloth. Every interview is done in a cool way, no boring questions and in-depth. Ok, the layout is a little bit boring, but who cares, if the content is great?!
Get your copy (ltd. 200) at:
Tony J., 2613 Hillcrest Terrace, Evansville, IN 47712, USA,

ssue #1 (August 2009)
(A5, 40 pages, english)

A really nice new fanzine is the small Reek 'zine from Denmark.
It's totally dedicated to the new old school death metal wave and features good interviews with bands like MAIM, FATALIST, TRIBULATION, MIASMAL, SHACKLES, a Nuclear Winter Records conversation and a Jörg Buttgereit special. Nice and simple layout, a good selection of reviews about demos, records and fanzines, many printed flyers and stuff. Cool one! Hopefully we'll see a second issue someday perhaps even this year?! This one is limited to 150 copies. Latest news: The zine changed their name to REEKING DEATH, check it out on their site.
Peter Larsen, Slotssovejen 16,2 - 6000 Kolding, Denmark, impure666[at],

Issue #1 (late 2009)
(A5, 52 pages, english)

Tata, and once again a number one! It's really nice to see, that many people seems to be fed up with the whole internet shit and that's really, really cool! Perhaps it's only cause of the retro death metal trend from nowadays (do you know many modern death metal fanzines?), but I don't care, if it's done in a nice way! And hell yeah, this one reminds me a lot on the first issue I did with my Carnage zine. The layout is horrible, the pics are distorted, only to fit on the site and the layout is also quite boring. But again, this guys is really really dedicated and I think that he takes more time to layout his zine, than most of the zines, which looks brilliant. It's a debut issue and for that, it's really cool, cause the interviews are well done with bands like ASPHYX, DEVASTATION, UNLEASHED, SULPHUR FEAST, Daniel Ekeroth, MORBID BREED and BODYSNATCH. There are a bunch of reviews, which is quite wide spreaded from Grindcore, old school, over brutal Death to technical Death Metal.
Nice one and the next issue will be even much better!!!
António Lúcio, Rua Avelina Pires Leitao, Lote 16A 2.0 Drt, 2955-137 Pinhal Novo, Portugal, screambloodygorezine[at]