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Death Incarnate, Tape
(Suffer Productions 2010)

After the big boom in Sweden in the early nineties, it's again a completely overcrowded scene with thousands of new bands, which play an old-fashioned style of death metal. But hey, I'm really happy about this scene, cause it's really strange to go to concerts, where most of the people follow a style with sucks supreme... But shit, this is ABSCESSION, formed in 2009 and released their debut demo via German Suffer Productions. And the music is nice, this time it's mid-paced death metal reminding me often on EDGE OF SANITY, the masters ENTOMBED or stuff like GOD MACABRE. It's not that kitschy than most of the EOS stuff, cause they don't exaggerate the melodies and filling the songs in a good way with it. The guitar sound is really sunlightish, the vocals are deep and growling and the drumming is like Fred Estby, simple, but fitting. Nice tape with is crying for new stuff, but the demo is also doing its job! Get it (e Euro + postage), before it's to late, cause the tape is limited to 166 copies (first 66 on red and 100 on black tapes).,,

Funeral For A Fuck, MCD / Tape
(self released / Death Invocation Records 2010)

And again a new worshipper of old AUTOPSY. Thi time it's a one-man-band with a guy called Gusten Andlös, who's also active in OLD BONES. The demo has only three tunes and is nearly 10 minutes long. Nothing special? Perhaps not, but these tracks are really kicking ass with the raw and dirty sound, the primitive riffing, the great haunting voice and the pounding drums. It's like 100% AUTOPSY, dirty as hell and while listening to the songs I'm thinking of a demo, which was released between "Severed Surival" and "Mental Funeral". Ok, there are many bands, who are doing this stuff nowadays, but this one is really authentic and I'm waiting for more stuff, but please keep the production, it rules! The demo was released as MCD (ltd. 20, sold out) and Tape Version via Death Invocation Records (limited 100).,

Recordings 89-91, Digi-Pak, LP
(Relapse Records 2009)

One of the (not) forgotten pearls from the Swedish underground of the glorious days. NIRVANA 2002 were always a secret for me. I loved the track "Mouring" from the "Projections Of A Stained Mind" sampler, but back in the days I never got some other recordings from this band. Ok, after the internet got bigger and bigger, I found also other recordings from the band. They were also nice, especially the "Disembodied Spirit" demo from 1990, but didn't have the intensity of "Mouring". And now there is a complete compilations with almost every track from the band. And it's really a shame, that this band never did a proper recording next to "Mourning", "Disembodied Spirits" demo'90 and the Promo'91. All in all there are only six listenable tracks plus five rehearsal recordings, a live version and the original mix of the "Disembodied Spirits" demo. Nice to have everything together in the "best" sound quality they were made, but a little bit disappointing and also quite hard, that this record is sold for a normal price of a CD... Ok, the package is really good, nice liner-notes, many pics, lyrics and a well designed digi-pak, but... The LP were released on 180g black wax (ltd. 500) and 100 copies in clear vinyl, which were not sold in the public. Collectior's item, unfortunately nothing more...

Omen, MCD
(Deathgasm Records 2009)

Mhhh, something like an advance MCD for the latest record of NOMINON "Monumentomb". 4 tracks, "Omen" (later on "Monumentomb"), one live track (mediocre quality from "Submit To Evil") and two unreleased tracks. Mhh, a 7" is a nice idea, but a MCD for only two tracks is a little bit hard... Ok, the songs are both in the great thrashing old school Death Metal tradition of NOMINON and so it's no way out to get the CD. But hey, if you are into vinyl, you have a big advantage, cause this two tracks are bonustracks of the 7", which comes with the limited LP (ltd. 100)!!! So be fast and you'll get both in one item.

Napalm, Digi-Pak MCD+DVD / 12" + DVD
(Relapse Records 2010)

Was quite funny, that I bought the new MCD from ROTTEN SOUND on the Neurotic Deathfest, cause the shows from ROTTEN SOUND and NAPALM DEATH wäre nearly at the same time and Keijo (vocals) seems to be a little bit pissed about that, hehe. OK, here we get three new tunes from RS + three coverversion from NAPALM DEATH classics. Eleven minutes in total. The originals are typical RS tracks with great blasts, downtuned guitars, the killing vocals incorporating the crusty edge. The sound could be a little bit more straighter, but all in all, a good continuation of "Cycles". The NAPALM tracks are "The Kill" (in 15 seconds), "Missing Link" and "Suffer The Children", a nice choice through the old ND material. Could be three or four songs more, but all in all I'm fine with it.
Next to the CD (which was also released as each ltd. 500 orange and black vinyl 12") there is the complete show from Obscene Extreme 2007. And that's a really nice show! 29 minutes of intense grind! Ok, the live atmosphere of the band is really hard to get on camera, but it's really fun to watch the DVD, many stagedivers, a small pit and a good selection of RS's past.

Promo 2010, MCD-R
(self released 2010)

And here we go with a new band from the German death metal base NRW called RECKLESS MANSLAUGHTER. This four guys are playing since November 2008 and in April 2010 they were the first time in a studio to record this three-track demo. The sound is deeply rooted in the late 80ies death metal with some more 90ies sounding grooves and blasts. Perhaps something like simple MASSACRE kissing early PROPHECY? Yes I think, that sounds good! Every song has something on its own, but there is also a big space to develop and find a kicking own sound. This sounds sometimes a little bit to dull and uninspirted, but hey it's the first demo and the next one is on its way and will be entitled "Storm With Vegeance". Let's see, if the rehearsal-like sound is the biggest problem or the song ideas. If you want to listen to the tracks go on their MySpace profile or order a CD-R directly from the band.

Awakening Of The Gods, CD
(Pulverised Records 2009)

The perhaps most American sounding Swedish old school band just reformed as so many other bands in 2008 and they really fast put out their comeback record called "Awakening Of The Gods". Ok, I really love the brutality of "Fornever Laid To Rest" (1992) and also "Saltrubbed Eyes" (1993) is a really cool monster with some more rock'n'rollish sounding parts, but also a really good one. Now They are back with a new bassist Richard Corpse from WITCHERY (instead of Bino Carlsson) and without second guitarist Patrick Jensen, how is nowadays mainly focussed on THE HAUNTED. After some critical rounds in the player and the "fuck-off-to-reunions" in my mind, the record really kicks my ass, cause the special dark and brutal feeling was conserved and the raw vocals of Johan Larsson didn't loose its intensity!
Ok there are some filler like "Choose Your Eternity" and the instrumental "Revel in Flesh" (could be better, if was combined with a track...), but the other stuff is really outstanding death metal with a thrashing edge. My fave track is by sure "Your Time Has Come".
Nice record, which is easy to listen to and has also a good feeling, but I'm not sure, if the record will be often played in my player... Let's see. Ahh by the way, please do not used this fuckin' Super Jewel Case for releases! It sucks supreme!

Premortem Rot, DemoMCD
(self released 2010)

Uhhh, I think it's my first Tunisian death metal band, I discovered in my life and also is quite empty (eleven bands added), when it comes to Tunisian bands. There are also very less infos about the band, so if I'm right they started around 2007 and this demo is their third release (after a demo from 2007 and a CD from 2008). On their videos is also a second guitarist and a real drummer, but they are not incorporated on this demo. The music is a real strong mix of technical and brutal sounding death metal with a nice feeling for melodies. It reminds me a lot of NECROPHAGIST and ODIOUS MORTEM, done in a really professional and high skilled form. Also this one is with programmed drums, it's sounding real and only some small parts are inhuman. The guitar work is excellent, very technical, yet catchy and fast forward and also the vocals are doing their job. No frognoise or shit like that, but brutal and deep growls. Four tracks and every song is on the same high level, so for everyone, who's into technical brutal death metal has to check out this demo, which can be downloaded from their MySpace profile!