2001 (24. July) - Behind The Mourner's Veil (Relapse Records; RR 6495)
(P12" released on Outlaw Records)

Format: P12", MCD

March 2001 at Oblivion Studio

King Fowley (v/d)
Mike Smith (g)
Mark Adams (g)
Les Snyder (b)

1. It's Alive
2. The Mausoleum
3. Zombie Attack (TANKARD cover)
4. Reaganomics (D.R.I. cover)
5. New Age Of Total Warfare (WARFARE cover)
6. Deathrider (ANTHRAX cover)
7. Victims Of The Masterplan
- I) The Child Murders
- II) Confession And Fear
) Speculation
- IV
) The Masterplan
- V) Forever We Must Wonder

Bonus multimedia:
1. Elly's Dementia (clip)