1995 (September) - The Blueprints For Madness (Relapse Records; RR 6920)
(???? rereleased as LP on Hells Headbangers)
(2004 rereleased as remixed CD on Thrash Corner Records)

Format: CD, MC

Summer 1994 at Inner
Ear Studio (Arlington, VA)

King Fowley (v/d)
Mike Smith (g)
Mark Adams (g)
Les Snyder (b/backing v)

1. Morbid Shape In Black
2. The Triangle
3. Island Of The Unknown
4. The Blueprints For Madness
5. The Creek Of The Dead
6. Mind Vampires
7. Into The Bizarre
8. Alternate Dimensions
9. Midnight
10. Negative Darkness
11. A Reproduction Of Tragedy

Bonustrack rerelease 2004:
12. Not To Touch The Earth (THE DOORS cover)