2008 (18. February) - Dismember (Regain Records; RR 118)
(2010 rereleased as LP on Back On Black; BOBV 181)

Format: LP (black vinyl, FOC), PLP, CD

LP rerelease 2010:
ltd. white vinyl

? at B.A.S. Studio

? by Cosmosmastering

Matti Kärki (v)
David Blomquist (g)
Martin Persson (g)
Tobias Christiansson (b)
Thomas Daun (d)
1. Death Conquers All
2. Europa Burns
3. Under A Bloodred Sky
4. The Hills Have Eyes
5. Legion
6. Tide Of Blood
7. Combat Fatigue
8. No Honour In Death
9. To End It All
10. Dark Depth
11. Black Sun