1990 - Master (Nuclear Blast Records; NB 040)
(28. January 2008 rereleased as CD+DVD on Displeased Records; D-00178)

Format: LP, CD, MC

Paul Speckmann (v/b)
Chris Mittelburn (g)
Bill Schmidt (d)

1. Pledge Of Allegiance
2. Unknown Soldier
3. Mangled Dehumanization
4. Pay To Die
5. Funeral Bitch
6. Master
7. Bass solo/Children Of The Grave (BLACK SABBATH cover)
8. Terrorizer
9. The Truth

Bonustracks of a illegal (Brazilian?) release:
10. Pledge Of Allegiance (original mix)
11. Terrorizer (original mix)
12. The Truth (original mix)

Bonus material rerelease 2008:
- remastered original mix of the album
- DVD:
two live shows from around 1990