MORDICUS started off in 1990 as a four-piece band. Their first two demos "Abominations of the earth" (recorded early 1991) and "Grown under shade of sorrow" contained sick, brutal and fast death metal with catchy guitar melodies and riffs and double vocal delivery. They sold well and received critical acclaim by the underground Metal press.

MORDICUS was approached by several record labels and as a result the "Three way dissection" 7"EP was released by the American record label Skindrill Records in 1992.

Their 1992 promo tape brought them to the attention of the French record label Thrash Records, which released the album "Dances from left" in 1993. This was a pure death metal release with fast and brutal guitars, memorable melodies and double growling vocals. It was recorded in the well-known Tico-tico studios and the band was very satisfied with the end result as the recording sounded really heavy and tight and the album was well accepted by the press. Some elements from heavy metal and rock could also be traced in this release.

Towards the end of 1993 the US label Wild Rags Records released the promo 1992 on cassette EP format, giving it the title "Wrathorn".

In 1994 the band members felt that it was time to move on to a slightly different direction. With the addition of Aapi the new bass player some hardcore and thrash elements have been added to the Mordicus music. The first promotional tape with this new five-piece line-up was recorded in 1995. The style was still very heavy and raw, but this time the songs were a lot simpler, functional, more "mature" and Robert Arpo concentrated exclusively on his vocal delivery.

During 1997-98 Mordicus recorded two promos which point out to a further progression of their sound. The privately released "Particular truths" video EP came out in 1997. It contained two songs from the promo?97 and "Eternia" from "Dances from left" CD. Some signs of Mordicus slightly turning back to their "roots" can be heard on the 1998 promo. Robert's vocal style has quite progressed in the meanwhile and their new songs are clearly their best yet. Low tuned guitars with catchy riffs that are played with great Rock N'Roll attitude and high velocity. Atmospheres, rhythms and tempos vary with each song but the aggressive vocals of Robert are always present.

In August 1999 Mordicus joined forces once more with producer/engineer Kimmo Perkki to record three new songs on tape. The songs are called "Rights'n trials", "Babylon twist" and "Equalife". Those songs were the fastest that they have recorded in six years and had more elements from thrash and even death metal than before. Yperano was impressed and offered them a recording deal. Mordicus recorded in the Headcase and East-Voice studios a selection of 15 songs, that would have been featured in their second full length album. The album's mastering took place at the Finnvox studios in Helsinki. There was delays in releasing the album and some time after finishing with the album, the band felt like it's time was over because of the lack of motivation and quietly disbanded. Heikki and Jani formed SCALPING SCREEN, and Isto later joined forces with Helsinki based DEMOLISHER. "Disintegration Groove" album has not been released until this date.

In 2006 Temple of Darkness Records contact with the band again, for a new recording deal, re-issue the mythic “Dances from Left” in CD and LP version, with extra tracks from the old demos and the “Three way Dissection” EP. Band agree the deal and both are working together with do the best product, with excellent quality sound, add old photos to the original artwork, etc. Re-issue of this 1993 death metal classic will be released sometimes early 2007.

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