Here are some demo cover, scanned with 200 dpi in original format

AUTOPSY (US) - "Critical Madness" (cover)
BLOOD (D) - "No Regret" (cover)
CARBONIZED (SWE) - "Recarbonized" (cover)
CEMETARY (SWE) - "Incarnation Of Morbity" (cover)
CONVULSE (FIN) - "Resusication Of Evilness" (cover + back)
CRAB PHOBIA (SWE) - "Vol. I" (cover)
DARKIFIED (SWE) - "Dark" (cover)
DEATH (US) - "Mutilation" (cover)
DEMILICH (FIN) - "The Echo" (cover)
DEMILICH (FIN) - "Regurgitation Of Blood" (cover)
DEMILICH (FIN) - "The Four Instructive Tales..." (cover)
DERKETA (USA) - The Unholy Ground (cover + back)
DESULTORY (SWE) - "Death Unfolds" (cover)
DESULTORY (SWE) - "Visions" (cover)
DISGRACE (SWE) - "The Last Sign Of Existence" (cover)
EVOCATION (SWE) - "The Ancient Gate" (cover)
EVOCATION (SWE) - "Promo'92" (cover)
EXANTHEMA (SWE) - "The Dead Shall Rise" (cover)
EXEMPT (SWE) - "Ill Health" (cover)
EXHUMED (SWE) - "Obscurity" (cover)
FULMINATION (SWE) - "Through Fire" (cover)
FUNEBRE (FIN) - "Cranial Torment" (cover)
GOREFEST (NL) - "Horrors In A Retarded Mind" (cover)
GROTESQUE (SWE) - "The Black Gate Is Closed" (cover)
INCUBUS (US) - "Supernatural Death" (cover)
INTERMENT (SWE) - "Where Death Will Increase" (cover)
INTERNAL DECAY (SWE) - "Demo'91" (cover)
INVERTED (SWE) - "Heaven Defied" (cover + back)
LIGAMENT (SWE) - "Demo'92" (cover)
LOBOTOMY (SWE) - "When Death Draws Near" (cover)
LUBRICANT (FIN) - "Swallow The Symmetric Swab" (cover + back)
MEGASLAUGHTER (SWE) - "Death Remains" (cover)
MEGASLAUGHTER (SWE) - "Demo'91" (cover + back)
MESSIAH (CH) - "Powertrash" (cover)
MORDICUS (FIN) - "Grown Under Shade Of Sorrow" (cover)
NECROPHOBIC (SWE) - "Slow Asphyxiation" (cover + back)
NECROPHOBIC (SWE) - "Unholy Prophecies" (cover + back)
NIHILIST (SWE) - "Only Shreds Remain" (cover)
OBSCURE INFINITY (SWE) - "Beyond The Gate" (cover)
PESTILENCE (NL) - "The Penance" (demo)
POSSESSED (US) - "1984 Demo" (cover)
TRAUMATIC (SWE) - "The Process Of Raping A Rancid Cadaver" (cover + inlay)
UNCANNY (SWE) - Transportation To The Uncanny (cover + back)
VADER (POL) - Morbid Reich (cover + back)
VOMITORY (SWE) - "Through Sepulchral Shadows" (cover)


Here are some 7" cover, scanned with 200 dpi and shrinked to 12 cm.

NECRONY (SWE) - "Mucu-Purulent Miscarriage" 2nd edition (cover/ back/ inlay1/ inlay2/ vinylA/ vinylB)