Interview with Dan Swanö vs. Tomas Skogsberg (Sunlight Studio)

year month band title
1988 September MORBID (SWE) Last Supper (Demo)
1988 November TREBLINKA (SWE) Crawling In Vomits (Demo)
1988 December (8.+16.) NIHILIST (SWE) Only Shreds Remain (Demo)
1989 September (23.-24.) ENTOMBED (SWE) But Life Goes On (Demo)
1989 October (14.-29.) TIAMAT (SWE) The Sumerian Cry (LP)
1989 November (28.-29.) CORRUPTION (SWE) Human Life Ignored (Demo)
1989 December ENTOMBED (SWE) Left Hand Path (LP)
1990 January CARBONIZED (SWE) No Canninization (7")
1990 February CARNAGE (SWE) Dark Recollection (LP)



Projections Of A Stained Mind
(Sampler; "Forsaken")
1990 April (13.) NIRVANA 2002 (SWE) Projections Of A Stained Mind (Sampler; "Mourning")
1990 April (29.) GENERAL SURGERY (SWE) Pestiferous Anthropophagia (Demo)
1990 May CARBONIZED (SWE) Recarbonized (Demo)
1990 June (3.-4.) DESULTORY (SWE) From Beyond (Demo)
1990 August (8.-10.) DESULTORY (SWE) Death Unfolds (Demo)
1990 August GROTESQUE (SWE) Incantation (Demo+MLP)
1990 August/September THERION (SWE) Of Darkness (LP)
1990 September (23.-27.) DARK ABBEY (SWE) Blasphemy (Demo)
1990 September (29.) MACABRE END (SWE) Consumed By Darkness (Demo)
1990 Autumn XYSMA (FIN) Yeah (LP)
1990 October (23.) EXHUMED (SWE) Obscurity (Demo)
1990 October/November AFFLICTED (SWE) Ingrained (7") + The Odious Reflection (demo)
1990 November (3 days) GENERAL SURGERY (SWE) Necrology (7")

November (9.-10.)


In The Eyes Of Death (Sampler) +
A Winter Shadow (demo/7")
1990 November (24.-25.) LOBOTOMY (SWE) When Death Draws Near (Demo)
1990 December (25.-28.) SORCERY (SWE) Bloodchilling Tales (LP)
1990 December FORMICIDE (SWE) Distorted (Demo)
1990 December CONCRETE SLEEP (SWE) Distorted (Demo)
1990 ? DISMEMBER (SWE) Reborn In Blasphemy (Demo)
1990 ? DARK THRONE (NOR) Soulside Journey (LP)
1990/1 December/January SUFFER (SWE) Manifestation Of God (Demo)
1991 January AT THE GATES (SWE) Gardens Of Grief (Demo)
1991 January ENTOMBED (SWE) Crawl (MLP)
1991 January (3 days) CARBONIZED (SWE) For The Security (LP)
1991 January (25.) MACABRE END (SWE) Consumed By Darkness (7") remixed
1991 February (9.-10.) INTERMENT (SWE) Where Death Will Increase (Demo)
1991 February (25.) NIRVANA 2002 (SWE) Promo 1991 (Demo)
1991 February CROWLEY (SWE) The Gate (Demo)
1991 March (7.-10.) EPITAPH (SWE) Split w/ Excruciate (LP)
1991 March (11.-15.) ACID RAIN DANCE (D) Wüstensturm (7")
1991 March DISCHANGE (SWE) Split w/ Extinction Of Mankind (7")
1991 March DISMEMBER (SWE) Like An Everflowing Stream (LP)
1991 April (4.-5.) CEMETARY (SWE) Incarnation Of Morbidity (Demo)
1991 April (20.-21.) NECROPHOBIC (SWE) Unholy Prophecies (Demo)
1991 April (24.-26.) ABSURD (SWE) Storm Of Malevolence (Demo)
1991 April (27.-28.) ABHOTH (SWE) Forever To Be Vanished Therein (Demo)
1991 April (29.-30.) MASTICATION (SWE) Demo 1991
1991 May/June COMECON (SWE) Megatrends In Brutality (LP)
1991 June (15.-16.) HYPOCRITE (SWE) Ruler Of The Dark (Demo)
1991 June (17.-30.) GRAVE (SWE) Into The Grave (LP)
1991 June (23.) MASTICATION (SWE) Demo#2
1991 June/July MERCILESS (SWE) The Treasures Within (LP)
1991 June/July FORMICIDE (SWE) Comatose (Demo)
1991 June/July CONCRETE SLEEP (SWE) Comatose (Demo)
1991 July (16.-17.) CENTINEX (SWE) End Of Life (Demo)
1991 August (5.-7.) ACHROMASIA (SWE) Chanting For The Immortal Race (Demo)
1991 August DESULTORY (SWE) Visions (Demo)
1991 August NIRVANA 2002 (SWE) unreleased material
1991 September CEMETARIUM (SWE) She Went To The Butcher (Demo)
1991 September (7.-8.) UTUMNO (SWE) The Light Of Day (7")
1991 September (9.-13.) CRIPPLE (SWE) Independant Luminary (Demo)
1991 October EXCRUCIATE (SWE) Passage Of Life (LP)
1991 October KAZJUROL (SWE) Toothcombing Reality's Surroundings (MCD)
1991 October LIERS IN WAIT (SWE) Spiritually Uncontrolled Art (MCD)
1991 October (28.-29.) UNCANNY (SWE) Transportation To The Uncanny (Demo)
1991 Autumn ROSICRUCIAN (SWE) Silence (CD)
1991 November (11.-12.) SUFFER (SWE) On Sour Ground (7")
1991 November AFFLICTED (SWE) Rising To The Sun (7") + Wanderland (Demo/7")
1991 December (7.-8.) ADVERSARY (SWE) Remains Of An Art Forgotten (Demo)
1991 December (13.-15.) FESTER PLAGUE (SWE) Demo
1991 December (18,19,27.) GOD MACABRE (SWE) The Winterlong (MCD)
1991 December (20.-23.) LEUKEMIA (SWE) Innocence Is Bliss (Demo)
1991 ? ENTOMBED (SWE) Clandestine (LP)
1991 ? ENTOMBED (SWE) Stranger Aeon (MLP)
1991/2 ? EPITAPH (SWE) Seeming Salvation (LP)
1992 January (2.) FESTER PLAGUE (SWE) Demo
1992 January DISH. ORCHESTRA (A) Not To Be Undimensional... (LP)
1992 January/February NECROPHOBIC (SWE) The Call (7")
1992 February (19.-21.) DECOLLATION (SWE) Cursed Lands (MCD)
1992 February (22.-23.) EVOCATION (SWE) The Ancient Gate (Demo)
1992 February/March CEMETARY (SWE) An Evil Shade Of Grey (LP)
1992 March (24.-25.) OBSCURE INFINITY (SWE) Beyond The Gate (Demo)
1992 April (1.-2.) STIGMATA (SWE) Decieved Minds (Demo)
1992 April (17.-19.) HYPOCRITE (SWE) Welcome To Abaddon (Demo)
1992 April AFFLICTED (SWE) Rising To The Sun (7")
1992 April CONCRETE SLEEP (SWE) As I Fly Away (Demo)
1992 May (1.-4.) FILTHY CHRISTIANS (SWE) Demo 1992 + Nailed (MCD)
1992 May AMORPHIS (FIN) The Karelian Isthmus (LP)
1992 June AFFLICTED (SWE) Prodigal Sun (LP)
1992 June GRAVE (SWE) You'll Never See (LP)
1992 June (24.-25.) GODDEFIED (SWE) Abysmal Grief (MCD)
1992 July CENTINEX (SWE) Subconscious Lobotomy (CD) + Deathlike R. (7")
1992 July DISCHANGE (SWE) Seeing, Feeling, Bleeding (CD)
1992 Autumn (3 days) CARBONIZED (SWE) Disharmonization (CD)
1992 October EXCRETION (SWE) The Dream Of Blood (Demo)
1992 October GEHIRM (SWE) Double The Harvest (Demo) -> mixed only!
1992 October DISFEAR (SWE) Disfear (7")
1992 November/December DISMEMBER (SWE) Indecent & Obscene (LP)
1992 ? DISMEMBER (SWE) Pieces (MLP)
1992 ? LEUKEMIA (SWE) Suck My Heaven (CD)
1992 ? VADER (POL) The Ultimate Incantation (never released in this version)
1992/3 ? ENTOMBED (SWE) Hollowman (MLP)
1992/3 ? ENTOMBED (SWE) Wolverine Blues (LP)
1993 January INTERNAL DECAY (SWE) A Forgotten Dream (CD)
1993 January (30.-31.) GODDEFIED (SWE) Abysmal Grief (MCD; mixed)
1993 February/March CEMETERY (SWE) Godless Beauty (CD)
1993 March (4.-5.) CENTINEX (SWE) Under The Blackend Sky (Demo)
1993 March NECROPHOBIC (SWE) The Nocturnal Silence (CD)
1993 April AT THE GATES (SWE) With Fear I Kiss The Burning Darkness (LP)
1993 April DISFEAR (SWE) A Brutal Sight Of War (7")
1993 May (29.-30.) MEMORIUM (SWE) Eons In Slumber (Demo)
1993 June (28.-30.) SUFFER (SWE) Global Warming (MCD)
1993 July KONKHRA (DK) Sexual Affective Disorder (LP)
1993 August DESULTORY (SWE) Into Eternity (CD)
1993 August/September COMECON (SWE) Converging Conspiracies (CD)
1993 September AMORPHIS (FIN) Tales From The Thousand Lakes (LP)
1993 ? UTUMNO (SWE) Across The Horizon (MCD)
1993/4 December - January LAKE OF TEARS (SWE) Greater Art (CD)
1994 January DESULTORY (SWE) Bitterness (CD)
1994 Spring (14 days) AFFLICTED (SWE) Dawn Of Glory (CD)
1994 February - March LANDLORDS (SWE) Mentality (CD)
1994 April (25.-29.) SUFFER (SWE) Structures (CD)
1994 May (8.-9.) SUFFER (SWE) Structures (CD) mixed
1994 May (28.-29.) BLOODSTONE (SWE) Branded At The Threshold Of The Damned (Demo)
1994 May/June MEANWHILE (SWE) Remaining Right: Silence (CD)
1994 June + September DISMEMBER (SWE) Massive Killing C. (LP) + Casket Garden (MCD)
1994 October KONKHRA (DK) Spit Or Swallow (LP) + The Facelift EP
1994 December (23.) LOUD PIPES (SWE) Demo 1 + Drunk For Ever (MCD)
1994 December COMECON (SWE) Fable Frolic (CD)
1994 ? CONVULSE (FIN) Reflections (CD)
1994 ? GRAVE (SWE) Soulless (LP)
1994 ? VERMIN (SWE) Plunge Into Oblivion (CD)
1994 ? IN THE COLONNADES (SWE) Rest And Recreation (CD)
1995 March/April DISFEAR (SWE) Soul Scars (LP)
1995 April POUPPÈE FABRIK (SWE) Your Pain-Our Gain (CD)
1995 June ACCURACY (D) Accuracy (MCD)
1995 September (23.) DOOM (UK) Monarchy Zoo (MCD)
1995 October BLOODSTONE (SWE) Hour Of The Gate (CD)
1996 April GROTESQUE (SWE) In The Embrace Of Evil (mixed)
1996 September (19.-21.) DAEMON (DK) Seven Deadly Sins (CD)
1996 October/November DISMEMBER (SWE) Death Metal (LP) + Misanthropic (MCD)
1996 October/November ACCURACY (D) Absolut 100% (CD)
1996 November THEORY IN PRACTICE (SWE) Third Eye Function (CD)
1996 December NOCTES (SWE) Pandemonic Requiem (CD)
1996 Winter MÖRK GRYNING (SWE) Return Fire (CD)
1996 ? AMORPHIS (FIN) Elegy (LP)
1996 ? DESULTORY (SWE) Swallow The Snake (CD)
1996 ? NECROPHOBIC (SWE) Spawned By Evil (MCD)
1996 ? NECROPHOBIC (SWE) Darkside (CD)
1996/7 December-January DISMEMBER (SWE) Death Metal (LP) + Misanthropic (MCD)
1996/7 December - January LOBOTOMY (SWE) Kill (CD)
1997 February (20/21/23/25) MANEGARM (SWE) Ur Nattvindar (Demo)
1997 February (24.-27.) A MIND CONFUSED (SWE) Anarchos (CD)



Once Sent From The Golden Hall / Return Of The Gods (Bonus tx on "With Oden On Our Side" Digi-CD)
1997 July THYRFING (SWE) Thyrfing (CD) (recorded)
1997 July - August KATATONIA (SWE) Discouraged Ones (CD) + Saw You Down (MCD)
1997 July - August SATARIEL (SWE) Lady Lust Lilith (CD)
1997 August THYRFING (SWE) Thyrfing (CD) (mixed)
1997 August THY PRIMORDIAL (SWE) At the World of Untrodden Wonder (CD)
1997 September IMPERIAL DOMAIN (SWE) In The Ashes Of The Fallen (CD)
1997 Autumn/Winter MANEGARM (SWE) Nordstjärnans Tidsålder (CD)
1997 November UNMOORED (SWE) Cimmerian (CD)
1997 November/December A CANOROUS QUINTET (SWE) The Only Pure Hate (CD)
1997 December CENTINEX (SWE) Reborn Through Flames (LP) + Shadowland (7")
1997 ? KATATONIA (SWE) Sounds Of Decay (MCD)



Abstarkt Algebra II (only released as Bonus CD of Dactylis Glomerata Re-Release 2-CD in 2006)
1998 early VERMIN (SWE) Millenium Ride (CD)
1998 February CENTINEX (SWE) Reborn Through Flames (LP) + Shadowland (7")
1998 February MAZE OF TORMENT (SWE) Faster Disaster (CD)

February (2 days)


Soulseducer (CD - second part, 1 trck for the Voices Of Death II Compilation CD)
1998 March ETERNAL OATH (SWE) Through They Eyes Of Hatred (CD)
1998 March (16.) - April (3.) OLD MAN'S CHILD (NOR) Ill-Natured Spiritual Invasion (CD)
1998 September (5 days) DAEMON (DK) The Second Coming CD
1998 October GUIDANCE OF SIN (SWE) Soulseducer (CD - first part)
1998 Autumn SOLEFALD (NOR) Neonism CD
1998 Fall NOCTES (SWE) Vexilla Regis Prodeunt INFERNI (CD)
1998/9 Decmember - May NECROPHOBIC (SWE) The Third Antichrist (LP)



1999 February - April KATATONIA (SWE) Tonight's Decision (CD)
1999 March OVERLORD (SWE) Through The Dark ("Voices Of Death III" sampler CD)
1999 March (20.-21.) BLOODSHED (SWE) Laughter Of Destruction (Demo)
1999 April (3.-4.) BLOODSHED (SWE) Laughter Of Destruction (Demo)
1999 July/August + October GORGOROTH (NOR) Incipit Satan (CD)
1999 August/September TYH PRIMORDIAL (SWE) The Heresy of an Age of Reason (CD)
1999 ? LOBOTOMY (SWE) Born In Hell (CD)


6106 (CD)


April - November


Last Fair Deal Gone Down +
Tonight's Music + Teargas
2000 May MAZE OF TORMENT (SWE) Death Strikes (CD)
2000 June (20-22)/ July (10) BLOODSHED (SWE) Skullcrusher (MCD)
2001 September SAYYADINA (SWE) Solace Denied (7") + Polar Grinder (comp.)
2001 16.Sept. - 12. Nov. NECROPHOBIC (SWE) Bloodhymns (LP)
2002 February SAYYADINA (SWE) Split w/ No Value + Swedish Assault (comp.)
2002 March-June GRAVE (SWE) Back From The Grave (LP)
2003 February WOLFPACK (SWE) In Darkness You Feel No Regrets (LP)
2007 February/March WOLFBRIGADE (SWE) A Prey To the World (MLP)