DEFEATED SANITY was formed ca. 1994 as a project of Wolfgang Teske (guitar) and Lille Gruber (drums) with the intention to play the most brutal and intense Death Metal as possible. The band started playing shows in 1996 with the help of sessionmusicians Jonas Gruber (bass) and Robert Colnik (vocals). With this line-up the band also recorded two demos: 1996 Devoured By The Black and 1998 Withdrawn From Beauty. The next step was to find musicians, that were able to play the very complicated and difficult songs. Those guys were Tino Köhler (bass) and Christian Münzner (guitar) in late 1999. The third demo was recorded and ended up as the Promo 2000 CD-R, with Robert Colnik doing the vocals. After that demo, Robert decided to leave the band and Marcus Keller replaced him. In 2001 CZ-label GRODHAISN PRODUCTIONS released a Split-CD with POPPY SEED GRINDER , which contains the Promo 2000 with all new solos and vocals done by Marcus Keller. There was also a new track added entitled Transplanting The Incureable. Also in 2001 we recorded the Collapsing Human Failures contribution to the Split 7" Ep with IMPERIOUS MALEVOLENCE, which should be the last containing guitarist Christian Münzner (who then became part of NECROPHAGIST). This Split was released with a huge delay in 2003 on MERCILESS RECORDS. The band is still searching for a 2. guitarist, while appearing with one guitar in the meantime as for in the studio Lille Gruber handles the second guitar.)

(stolen from the official site)