2008 (19. August) (from www.myspace.com/evokepuredeath)
Evoke have recorded 6 songs for future release. We will mix these tracks this week and then do a master.
These songs will be shipped around the labels and hopefully we can work out a deal for a release of these songs. If not we could release these as a demo tape or a mcd ourselves.
Anyway keep checking back for further information on what happens , we may up a new song for you guys/gals t hear.

2007 (4. December)
(from www.myspace.com/evokepuredeath)
with regret James Hogg as left the band.

2007 (18. August)
(from www.myspace.com/evokepuredeath)
Evoke have reformed with the line up which recorded THE FURY WRITTEN cd, we will spend a few months rehearsing then look to do some shows . So watch out around dec/jan for some killer evoke shows in your area.

2007 (30. April)
(from www.myspace.com/evokepuredeath)
John Hoskison-Parkin has teamed up with Glen (REMEDY ect.) to put together a new project called See it Burn, which is a studio based band. The music is way differant to EVOKE's but it's still excellant. Give them a listen and add them to your friends list if you like them, Listen to their down loads on: www.myspace.com/seeitburn