GOREMENT was formed in 1990, out of the ashes of a thrash band called, SANGUINARY. The music itself came quite easily, we simply played music that was heavily influenced by the bands that we liked at that time. I have received comments lately that our music is timeless, which is great and very flattering, but that was really not our intention.There were never really any deep thoughts behind the music and we never ever strived for originality. We saw our music as a kind of tribute to our favourite bands (Bolt Thrower, Xysma, Carcass, Benediction, Pungent Stench, Paradise Lost and of course all the godly Swedish underground bands that where around at that time).

During our existence between 90-96 we managed to release two demos ("Human Relic" '91 and "Obsequies..." '91), two 7"es ("Into Shadows" '92 and "Obsequies..." '92) and one album on CD ("Ending Quest" '94).

We received fairly good reviews on our demos and 7"es and we really thought that the "breakthrough" for the band would come when all this good response led to a record deal with the German label, Inline Music. But that final step to success never happened. Maybe it had to do with the fact that we had a hard time finding gigs and that we were in the shadows of all those great Swedish bands that had success at that time like: ENTOMBED, DISMEMBER, AFFLICTED and UNLEASHED. We were really "just another Swedish death metal band". But what really broke down the band and ended our rather short career was that we got ripped off badly by our record company, we lost a lot of money because of them. "The Ending Quest" was released a year after we had recorded it, but only 1000 copies or something. I honestly don't know, cause we never got any information or sales numbers at all regarding the CD from Inline. And a few months after it was released they went bankrupt. This really took the spirit out of the band and finally led to that our original drummer Mattias Berglund left the band in Autumn '94.

The rest of us decided to continue and we recorded a 3 track promo tape in mid'95, but by this time we had totally lost interest in what GOREMENT originally was about, new visions had started to appear. And in Spring '96 we decided to finally lay GOREMENT to rest.

Robin Bergh, Daniel Eriksson, Nicke Lilja and Patrik Fernlund continued with a female vocalist (Petra Albrecht) in a band called PIPERS DAWN and we released a 3-track demo CD ("Moonclad") in the end of '96, but that's another story...

In 2002 I was contacted by Chris Dick from the net-zine Digitalmetal.com, who wanted to do an interview about GOREMENT. I agreed and we had a long and very interesting chat about the band. At the same time I had received quite a lot of e-mail from people who asked me about GOREMENT and told me they had managed to get a hold of the CD and really dug it! My first reaction to all this was: Yeah you're like 10 years too late, but still it left me with the thought that maybe the GOREMENT material still held class and that it was time to get the stuff out properly, so the people would have a chance to hear what we had accomplished. In spring 2003, Patrik Fernlund was contacted by Daryl (FUNEBRARUM / Morbid Wrath Records) who shared these thoughts and convinced him that this would really work. Together with his pal Roy from Necroharmonic Productions they started to work on this re-issue and put together a package that would cover the whole GOREMENT story. The GOREMENT - "Darkness Of The Dead" CD was released on Necroharmonic Productions / Morbid Wrath in 2004. Response to this release has been excellent overall.

(stolen & edited from "www.myspace.com/gorement")